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Knitted Knockers
Knitted Knockers

Knitted Knockers

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Donated by a generous community member, we carry "Knitted Knockers" while supplies last!

As these were donated, they are free. Please be kind and limit your order to one pair if possible so the most possible customers have an opportunity to have some.

Sizes range from AA-G in various colors, the majority of options are in size D.

The "knockers" are un-stuffed, so you can customize your texture and firmness, though we have some stuffing in store for folks to explore their sizes with.

From the artist:

"These regular daily Knitted Knockers are made with 100% cotton. If you find that the knocker "ride up", chances are you will need a well fitting bra with pockets, try a sports bra (with pockets), maybe use velcro or double sided tape to anchor it. If you find them to be too light weight, you could add a small weight in them (like a curtain weight or a small rock), or stitch them permanently right into your bra.

After you have stuffed them (either a small opening on the edge or a drawstring in the back) with fibre (we suggest a polyester), just sew or close the hole shut and washed in the gentle cycle or by hand. Hang to dry overnight or a short time in the dryer. You can stitch them permanently into your bra, this may help any issues of them showing a bit. Enjoy!"

As there are a lot of color varieties, select yours in store or contact us to see which we have in stock to send you for online orders--otherwise staff will make a selection on your behalf. 

Recommendation: when stuffing your "knitted knockers" we suggest putting your stuffing into a tights or panty hose liner within the knockers so your stuffing maintains its shape and doesn't fall out between the knitted holes.