Queer & Trans Wares



While we are a retail store, because of our speciality in supporting our Queer and Trans community we are often asked about various available resources and supports.

We are so fortunate that the world is continuing to evolve and return to being a more Queer/Trans friendly place to be, and therefore now we have many local, national, and international resource hubs for our community members, and still growing!

Below we will share a snapshot of what we know is available for some easier access, with many of these organizations having online or in person services or resources for you to access.

Local "YEG" Organizations/Resource hubs:

Gender affirming gear resources:

At our store, we sell many gender affirming gear products! If you're unfamiliar with some of these items, here is some information to support your exploration:

  • Binding
    • We are a popular place for folks to pick up a chest binder! We have a free downloadable mini guide for you here.
  • Tucking
    • We are a popular place for folks to pick up tucking underwear or gaffs! We have a free downloadable mini guide for you here. 
  • Packers
    • We sell packers with and without an elastic band as well as packing boxers.
    • Packing boxers have a special front pocket for your packer so it can be held in place and doesn't fall out of your boxers. 
    • One resource for advice and tips around using a packer can be found here!
  • Trans Tape
    • Trans Tape is a great alternative to binding or using unsustainable compression items like ace-bandage wraps. 
    • We carry Trans Tape in multiple sizes and colors, click for more info!
    • Trans Tape as a company has a full "how to use" manual that we highly suggest reading if you're new to using it!
    • There's also an active reddit community of folks who share their lived experience using trans tape too. 
  • Breast Form Options
    • Knitted Knockers: We generously received a donation of many sizes of knitted knockers from a lovely community member. These have more commonly been made and used for those who have had mastectomies, so most of the resources around them are within that community and use gendered language. 
    • Breast Forms: We don't presently carry silicone breast-forms but we hope to soon! But here is a resource on care, sizing, and types of breast forms available!

    If you have any other questions, ideas, or comments about resources we can have on hand or anything else store related, please feel free to email us at thequiltbag@gmail.com