Queer & Trans Wares

New Vendors/Consignors

Interested in becoming a new vendor or consignor with us?

Wonderful! We are always interested in seeing what creative items our community members are making and/or selling! Here are some things to note when reaching out about a prospective vendor/consignor relationship with us:

  • We are presently not taking on anymore stickers/pins/buttons type of consignment items. This may change but right now we are saturated!
  • We are looking for more housewares, home-goods, accessories that aren't earrings/necklaces, school items, and 3D arts!
  • Most of the work that we carry by LGBTQ2S+ artists is on a consignment basis. Prospective consignors can contact us by e-mail or on social media with a description of the work and a few sample photos.
  • We accept new artists on a rolling basis, and have a consignor agreement that outlines the terms of a consignment partnership.
  • We have very limited display space and curate what we carry quite carefully to ensure that it is a good fit aesthetically and complements our existing stock! We might start with 1 or 2 items to see how they do.
  • For graphic & digital art, we occasionally set up a royalty-based partnership where the shop creates products using an artist's designs, with the artist receiving royalties on every sale.
  • While we love your artwork, fan-art and cartoon/anime style artwork doesn't sell well at our location and isn't likely to be chosen for consignment at this time.
  • When sending us product photos, consider taking them against a white, black, or solid color background, with the product out of the plastic/wrapping so you don't get a reflection. This will allow the colors on your product to pop and feature well on our online store.
  • Priority for new inventory is given to LGBTQ2S+, BIPOC artists.