Queer & Trans Wares

Fundraising for the Trans Community Fund


We are so excited to share with you our promotional event for our Trans Community Fund (TCF)!

The TCF is an ongoing fund we have at the store to cover costs on gender affirm gear for our most vulnerable Queer and Trans community members, especially our youth, based on need and fund availability.

The funds for the TCF are typically raised entirely by donation of our generous community members or redirected from some of the proceeds of our other items at the store.

About the Trans Community Fund

The QUILTBAG's Trans Community Fund is available for low income trans, non-binary, and two-spirit people to access gender affirming items from the store at no cost - this includes binders, gaffs, bras, packers, and other items depending on availability. To learn more about the fund itself click here!

Donation Info Here:
To donate to the fund , please use either our PayPal link here or send an e-transfer directly to The QUILTBAG using the email address thequiltbag@gmail.com - make sure to write in the message field that your donation is for the Trans Community Fund.

We know not everyone can afford to donate at this time. Even though we are trying to encourage donations to our Trans Community Fund so we can offer more gender affirming gear to our community members, we encourage you to share this information with those in our community who may have capacity.


Anything else?

For any additional questions, comments, or inquiries about the fund, please email us at TheQUILTBAG@gmail.com