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Unbelts-- Lance Cardinal Design
Unbelts-- Lance Cardinal Design

Unbelts-- Lance Cardinal Design

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UnbWe are excited to carry a few lines of Unbelts here at the QB!

Some features include:

  • Machine washable in belt loops 
    • Start every day fresh - Unbelts live with your jeans, even on laundry day
  • Invisible and bulk-free under tees
    • No more mystery holes in your t-shirts or big-buckle tummy pokes
  • Closes waistband gap
    • ...without the need for tailoring, because plumber bum's not a great look for anybody
  • Stretches and adjusts from 20-58"
    • Outrageously comfortable and built to hug, not pinch. Need a different size? We'll custom-sew it
  • Belts made from plastic bottles? You betcha.
    • All Intrepid and 10-Year Kids yarn is made using recycled polyester from reclaimed PET beverage bottles.
  • Ethically made, and made to last
    • A living-wage supply chain, right down to our components. Recycled materials. Low-waste studios. It's who we are.

Lance Cardinal: The four hearts seen in the design represent the sash and flag of the Métis people, the drum of the First Nations and the inukshuk of the Inuit. The braids of the sweetgrass unite all people together as one Indigenous Nation. Through Unbelts, some of the proceeds have gone towards the Edmonton 2 Spirit Society.

Size 1 is adjustable from 24" to 45" hips and Size 2 is adjustable from 29" to 63" hips.