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Stevie Bees
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Stevie Bee; trans masc non-binary and serves the community as a Gender Doula. I support folks through their legal, social and medical transition. I also have a presence on social media to bring representation to the trans* and non-binary communities.
Stevie Brocksom (they/he) is an active community member and queer/trans activist as
well as a gender doula. They see clients in the community to support them with social,
legal and medical transition.
Stevie sits on the board for not for profit Queer Intersections as well as the board for
Fairy Godparents-London and he founded a scholarship for gender non-conforming
youth. They are also the chairperson for the Trans* Committee for their local Pride Fest.
Stevie is passionate about equity for transgender people and all marginalized
communities especially with regards to reproductive justice. When they are not busy
with their advocacy work, Stevie can be found spending time with his two kiddos and