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Queeriosity: The Game
Queeriosity: The Game
Queeriosity: The Game
Queeriosity: The Game

Queeriosity: The Game

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Queeriosity is a multiplayer social card game that taps into the fun, the wholesome, and the wild parts of the queer experience. The game includes 110 cards covering 6 categories to play with friends or dates.

Check out the game rules to learn more about how to play.

For a pandemic friendly socially distanced adaptation, play over zoom with one person designated as the game master & deck holder who calls the shots and tells everyone what prompt to answer!


Can I play if I’m not queer? 

Queeriosity was created with LGBTQ+ folx in mind, and many of the questions are specific to the queer experience. We love our allies, and of course we want everyone to enjoy the game! To make the most out of the game, we do recommend playing with queer friends.

What if I don’t drink? 

Although some of the cards are written with drinking prompts, we know not everyone partakes. We encourage you to replace drinking with whatever works for you. Here’s some alternatives we recommend:

  • Make it a meal, sip a cup of soup
  • Make it a workout, do a push-up
  • Make it hydrating, down some water
  • Make it a competition, use a point system